Journey to Peace of Mind

Pursuing the balance in chaotic nature,
Creating and capturing lifetime experiences.

Orkun Kaan Türeyyen

Amateur Photographer
Basketball Enthusiast
Occasional Gamer
Scientific Minded
Geek & Shopaholic
Espresso Addict

I’m a full-time professional in internet business, working as a Product Manager for the last 5 years.

Photography is my escape from the daily routine. As proudly exposing my engineering roots, I love the challenge in finding the perfect composition within cityscapes, daily life, or even great outdoors. It is a perfect example of art being synthesized by mathematics in its simplest form.

I’m living in Istanbul, not only being one of the largest cities in the world, but it’s one of the cities that has its roots established at least a thousand year ago. It may be the heaven in hell, or hell in heaven, depending on your daily routine.

I love being in outdoors or wandering around the old city. That’s why I lean towards Landscape and Street Photography.

“Photography is not a goal, it’s more of like documenting your way of seeing the world at that exact moment and mean to express your feelings at that very specific time frame. If you don’t enjoy hiking, or being in outdoors, you won’t be able to shoot that Perfect Landscape Shot in a nearby hill peak at 5:00 AM in the morning.”